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Restylit, when interior design becomes lifestyle.

You will fall in love with your home!

Come to meet the new modern italian design. We’re not a network, we are the firm with a soul.

A company that made it easy to be supported by a talented italian interior designer.

…We are your italian interior designer

Who helps you with your renewal projects always by your side with our experienced professionals.

 We are 24/7 available on our e-shop, ready to support you with real time free tips while shopping.

 What’s your excuse now for not living your dream home?!


This is what you will find here @Restylit!


Elegance and style

 Our signature on every project, with any given budget.



We made it accessible to have a talented italian interior designer by your side. Come to meet the modern italian way.



65 years of history and daily routine improvements. Yes, 24/7 available!

Long Roots, Fresh Vibes.

We inherited 65 years of italian architectur history by one of the eldest architectural firm.

The most valuable heritage for our visionary minds.


Monthly active customers on our lines, asking for interior design tips while shopping.

Classy Interior renovation projects delivered, Monthly.

Here’s our HQ, it’s under the hills. Litterally.

An inspiring place built under the green hills among the italian alps.

Realized with sustainable raw materials, this is a place where the team can calmly design your new spaces and come up with amazing ideas!


...And We are the founders!

Two insatiable visionary who promised to re-style any old looking-grandma-home in the world. We all deserve a dream one”

There are so many crazy things about our story…

We randomly met on a domestic summer flight in Italy in 2016, a digital passionate professional and a talented interior architect. We accidentally fell in love so were living together one week after and started talking about Restylit two weeks after the meeting. We merged our knowledge and thought we could have a positivie impact on other people’s life creating elegant confortable spaces to live in.

Well, we also have a 91 years old snowboarder kind of co-founder and business partner, a man who built the italian architectural industry from 60s to late 90s, as you may be guessing he’s the most inspiring guy you could met. He’s really passionate about what we’re doing and love to spend time with us when he’s not travelling with his hippie van and his 87 years old co-pilot brother, around the world.

As we told you we do have a crazy story! We promise we’ll start telling more about it on our channel soon, so keep an eye on our Instagram!

Interior design is more than a passion and more than just a job for us and the whole Restylit team. We are here to show you how a smart yet classy approach can boost your quality of life with less efforts than you think. We want to show you the new and modern italian design style and let you fall in love with your spaces. So…

Shop with our interior designers, it’s free.

Let’s design your spaces.

Or drop us a line to meet the team and discover where that crazy old man is going right now!


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