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Your Italian Interior Architect.

One of the most talented italian interior design firms to let your dream spaces come true ♥

Online interior design & home decor at its finest.

We strive to design the best interiors to make you happy in your lovely home.


A company based on talented architects, constantly improving to make our customers happy and charming.

Furniture & Decor

We’re authorized reseller of more than 100 brands. Italian Icons and new international ones. The perfect mix.


We’re not a network but a company. We’re one of  the most innovative interior design brands in the market.


We inherited 65 years of italian history of architecture and we’re stepping into the next level.

Shop Online with personal Interior Designer

Restylit is also the first decor and furniture online shop with a team of interior designers available 24/7 for real time decor tips. The team is waiting for you on Whatsapp, send us a pic of your home and we’ll help you.

Classy Online Interior Design

A talented italian architect and the style department to let your dream home come true. We always bring with us our italian sense of elegance and dozens of cool brands!

Restylit philosophy


The innate italian sense of beauty is part of what we are and we’ll bring it in every project. It’s a promise.


No differences! It’s the talent of our interior designers that matters, technology will do the rest.


Mixing and matching furnitures and materials to create that sense of luxury dreamy interiors, on budget.

Hospitality Online Interior Design

Both if you need to redesign one room or every space of the property, we’re specialized in classy boutique hotels, restaurants and lounge bar. We made it accessible to get a project design made by an historical italian architectural firm.